1st Annual Storytelling Competition

The Chapter Level Competition was held on March 9, 2024.



Congratulations to the 2024 Florida Speakers Association Storytelling Competition Finalists!

FSA 2024 Chapter Level storytelling competition winners, Carolyn Stein, Dave Bricker and David Goldwich.

1st Place: Caroline Stein

Watch her video HERE

2nd Place: Dave      Bricker

Watch his video HERE

3rd place: David Goldwich

Watch his video HERE

Check out all of the competitor videos HERE

flyer for the storytelling competition hosted by the Florida Speakers Association as part of the larger event hosted by the National Speakers Association.

About the Storytelling Competition

Be there for the First Annual Florida Speakers Association Storytelling Competition! 

Date: Saturday, March 9, 2024
Time: following the chapter meeting and lunch
Location: The Westin Fort Lauderdale 400 Corporate Dr, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33334
What: A stage for professional speakers to showcase their storytelling genius!
Cost to FSA contestants: Local Chapter level – $0


Event Highlights: 


  • Exclusive for NSA chapter members, showcasing exceptional storytelling skills.
  • An opportunity to progress from Chapter to Regional, to National level, with the grand finale taking place on the main stage at Influence, Aug. 3-6, 2024!  
  • Judging Criteria: Marketability, Impact, Presentation. 

For Contestants: 

  • Register below with the local FSA Chapter to enter the competition. (All contestants must be a member of FSA)
  • Prepare a 5-minute impactful story.
  • The story that is used at Chapter Entry Level must be the story used at Regional and National Level.
  • The general story can be enhanced based on feedback/coaching received during Mentor Sessions, but the story at large must remain the same.
  • Adhere to deadlines and guidelines for chapter and regional levels.
  • Benefit from constructive feedback and mentorship.
  • Stories will be video recorded.
  • The winner of the chapter competition will advance to Regionals. 
  • All competition rules and regulations will apply. 

Competitors are scored on three tracks:



The story’s ability to drive demand for the speaker

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  • Audience Identified: Would an identified audience in the speaking industry relate to the story?
  • Relevant Topic: Is the story memorable, repeatable, and related to an identified topic in the speaking industry?
  • Would it make someone say, “this speaker told an amazing story (repeating part of the story) we should really have them at our next event”?
  • Clear Messaging: Does the story provide a path to action? Is it inspiring in someway for the listener?

*Stories must adhere to NSA’s Professional Conduct Policy as required by all NSA main stage presenters and representatives. Please do not permit stories that do not align with this Policy.



The story’s ability to drive a message and motivate the audience

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  • Passion: Did the teller deliver the story with the appropriate emotion and passion?
  • Engagement: Did the teller engage the audience and effectively captivate them?
  • Call to Action: Is there a specific call-to-action or identifiable lesson taught?


The teller’s ability to connect with the audience.

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  • Blocking: Did the teller use the stage, body language, gestures, and expressions to engage the audience?
  • Cadence (vocals): Was the teller able to deliver the story using a rhythm that was impactful?
  • Connection (Eye Contact, etc.): Was the teller able to connect with the audience as a whole and individually?


There is no cost at the chapter level AND we will feed you (pizzas) and provide you with video footage.

If you make it to the regional, it’s $250, which the chapter will deduct that amount from your next year’s dues.

If you get to the National, it’s $500 and we’ll comp next year altogether.

In other words, we’ve got you!

FSA members are invited to Register to compete by adding your name to the list HERE. Please direct all questions and volunteer inquiries to Sharon Grossman at sharon@drsharongrossman.com