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The FSA Conni Gordon Speaker Academy is for those who aspire to build a speaking business or jumpstart their career. The program is facilitated by experienced members of the National Speakers Association (NSA), the premiere professional association for those who earn a living by the spoken word.

The program runs October 2022 to May 2023. Member discounts and other benefits begin as soon as you join.

Ready to apply? Fill out the application below for review and approval. On acceptance, you will have a choice of joining at the standard level ($1000) or PLUS level ($1500). See below for an explanation of the PLUS benefits. Payment plan options are available. 

Join us on October 8 at 12:30ET for a free Florida Speakers Association Academy Open House (live or on ZOOM).

Take Your Talk from the Page to the Stage with an engaging interactive workshop and bring your questions.

Not sure if the FSA Academy is for you? No pressure. Set up a virtual coffee with me, Dave Bricker, and we’ll see if FSA and the Connie Gordon Speaker Academy are what you’re looking for.

Attend in person  or

​Get help from experienced speakers!

✔ Craft your message to be authentic and marketable

✔ Develop the marketing materials you need to sell yourself as a speaker, including a high-quality video.

✔ Understand the business of speaking

Dave Bricker, Dean
FSA Conni Gordon Speaker Academy

Laura Bonich, Co-Dean
FSA Conni Gordon Speaker Academy

Rosemary ravinal headshot

Rosemary Ravinal, Co-Dean
FSA Conni Gordon Speaker Academy

To be paid to speak professionally, you must master these four core competencies:

1. Speak with Eloquence on the platform

2. Deliver high-quality content based on depth and breadth of Expertise

3. Run an effective speaking business—a speaking Enterprise

4. Behave Ethically

The FSA Conni Gordon Speaker Academy offers a deep dive into all four.

Our Academy is conducted at both in-Person and on-screen sessions. Attendance  is essential as full participation ensures that you maximize the impact on your business. 

Benefits of Joining the FSA Conni Gordon Speaker Academy

  • Step-by-step materials guide you through each aspect of starting your speaking business, featuring the NSA Speaker Guide
  • Enjoy all benefits of FSA Aspiring Speaker Membership through June 30th, 2023, including member prices on all meetings, and ability to join the lunch with the speaker after chapter meetings.
  • Spend two days learning from and being inspired by some of the most successful speakers in the area at the Bootcamp. This is an amazing,  not to be missed event!
  • Ask questions and get weekly inspiration in the Private Facebook Group for Speaker Academy Candidates
  • Get expert feedback on your showcase speech in the Speech Rehearsal Session (half-day live event—April 2023)
  • Take advantage of monthly accountability check-ins. 
  • Showcase your message on a professional stage at the 2023 FSA Showcase. Your spot is guaranteed. Take advantage of the event to get your demo video recorded by a professional videographer. (Video package included for PLUS.)

Benefits of Joining the FSA Conni Gordon Speaker Academy PLUS

Enjoy all benefits listed above PLUS:

Improve your platform skills. Discover how to craft your keynote. Market and run your business. Acquire the tools and skills you need to become a professional speaker.

About the Bootcamp, 2022-2023

(Date: TBA)

The Bootcamp we put on as part of the FSA Conni Gordon Speaker Academy is one of the most exciting events of the program year. Over a day and a half, we bring in some of the most experienced and successful speakers from the chapter to share secrets of the speaking business. In fact, our professional members pay to audit this inspirational event.



Topics to be covered include:

  • Sales and marketing for speakers
  • Storytelling
  • Crafting a Keynote
  • Ethical Issues for Speakers
  • Social Media
  • Creating a Business
  • Continually Developing Your Expertise
  • Products and Back of Room Sales
  • Get Feedback On Your 5 Minute Speech
  • Work On Your Message & Strategy



The members of the FSA Conni Gordon Speaker Academy form a tight-knit group over the academy year. To ensure the quality of the program, we review applicants’ speaking skills, and commitment. Fill out the application below.. After your application has been reviewed and accepted, you will receive a link with payment options. If you require more financial flexibility, please ask to discuss options with James Henderson. 

About the Showcase & Graduation

Quality video is a necessity for every speaker.  We will provide each academy member with a professional stage setting, lighting, and state of the art videography provided by Velocity Video Productions. The showcase will feature every member of our academy who accepts their spot in the showcase. Video package is included with with PLUS. 

2021 Showcase

For more information, contact Dave Bricker, our 2022-2023 FSA Conni Gordon Speaker Academy Dean, by email at dave@davebricker.com

You may also contact Academy Co-Dean, Laura Bonich, at lkbonich@gmail.com

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