October 14th Afternoon Session with Gary Rifkin: Speak Like a Pro


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Afternoon Session: Speak Like a Pro! Hot Seats

At FSA’s October 14th meeting featuring speaker coach and trainer Gary Rifkin, you will have the opportunity to hone your skills at a special “Hot Seat” session in the afternoon, where you will witness Hot Seat sessions taking place. You will discover how to build more confidence and competence on the platform while also learning from your peers. Spaces for this unique opportunity are limited so register today! 

NOTE from Gary about Hot Seats:
The hot seat can be anything you want it to be. You can work on re-crafting your opening, re-framing your content, or even just fine-tuning a segment you are already delivering. Usually, folks are working on a story or figuring out how to bridge the story to a message (or vice versa). It’s likely that you don’t need more than 5-7 minutes of content. Oh, and I’ll probably interrupt you about 20 times as you’re delivering! I promise it will be fun and not too painful. 🙂

HOT SEAT Audience – $20

HOT SEAT Participant – $100  (Register HERE for a participant slot)

ONLY 2 HOT SEATS participant slots are available for purchase and the participants must attend in person.