Florida Speakers Association Past Events

FSA Ed Robinson
FSA June 2021
FSA Ed Robinson
FSA Barry Banther
FSA MAR21 Debbie Allen
FSA Ross Bernstein
FSA Arnold Sanow
Michelle Villalobos Webinar_3
FSA Bruce Turkel
FSA Arnold Sanow
Michelle Villalobos Webinar_3
FSA OCT 2020 Eddie Turner Jr
Michelle Villalobos Webinar_3
FSA Webinar Troy Hazard
FSA Webinar James Henderson_1
FSA Webinar Alexandra Demosthenes_2
FSA Webinar Dr Gayle Carson_1
FSA June Event
FSA Webinar Fabio Marques
FSA Damian Mason
FSA Webinar Training for IMPACT
FSA Webinar Deliver a Virtual Keynote
FSA Webinar Bureau Ready
FSA April 2020 Chapter Meeting
FSA March 2020 Chapter Meeting


November 2019

Michael Goldberg, CSP – Knock Out Networking! More Prospects, More Referrals, More Business!

October 2019

David Glickman – Be More Funny, Make More Money

September 2019

Pegine Echevarria – How to Create a Memorable Experience

May 2019 

Phil Gerbyshak –  Power Selling with LinkedIn

April 2019

Walter Bond, CSP, CPAE – “Who Said Talk Is Cheap?”

Heather Christie, CSP – “How Much Money Does Your Webcam Make You?”

March 2019

Bill Stainton – What I Learned from Winning 29 Emmys that Speakers Need to Know!

February 2019

Lois Cremer – “Book More Business! Make Money Speaking”

January 2019

FSA New Year’s Dinner 2019

Alan Weiss, Ph.D., CSP, CPAE – “Value-Based Fees: How to Charge and GET What You’re Worth”