A Message From Our President

Florida Speakers Association

 James Lee Henderson, 2020-2021 FSA President


No matter the platform today’s professional speaker uses to showcase their knowledge and skill, there is a single constant. And that constant is CHANGE! We have seen the world change around us, seemingly overnight, but I have proudly observed the members of FSA embrace that change and seek out the appropriate tools and skills to meet that challenge head on and forge their way ahead of the curve. That spirit is what the National Speakers Association and specifically the Florida Speakers Association is all about.

FSA James Henderson

The Florida Speakers Association represents every category of speaker. Our members include Hall of Fame speakers, aspiring professionals, and every level of speaker in-between.  FSA represents a “community” of professionals seeking, not only to enrich their personal skill sets but to share their knowledge with each other.

The 2020-2021 board and I have three very distinct goals for the coming chapter year:

  • Provide the highest level of VALUE to our members in all our programming
  • Foster an atmosphere of UNITY among our members
  • Have FUN learning and growing with each other

I invite you to join us in learning and growing together. Experience the value of our meetings. Meet and interact with some of the most accomplished, professional speakers in our business. Whether you are a speaking professional, a professional who speaks, or if you aspire to become a speaking professional in any form, FSA is where you must be. Surrounding yourself with the best is the way to become the best. And every one of our meetings, webinars, and socials will expose you to “the very best” in our business.



Honored to serve you,


James Lee Henderson

President, Florida Speakers Association