FSA Showcase May 11, 2019

"FSA VIDEO Showcase"
Video Packages

FSA past president and former broadcaster,  Ken Okel, is teaming up with a professional videographer to record the showcase and offer outstanding video packages to  participants in the showcase: our graduates of FSA’s Conni Gordon Speaker Academy, and professional members who opt to participate.

5/7/19: Sorry: Sales of video packages are closed. See you at the showcase.

Note: Packages 1 and 2 are nonrefundable after April 11. Package 3 deposit is nonrefundable after April 11. Prices do not include admission to the FSA meeting with Phil Gerbyshak that morning.

Slots for professional members in the showcase are first come, first served. You reserve your slot in the lineup by paying for one of these packages. In the event that we are oversubscribed, we will run a waiting list and then refund the money for anyone who cannot be accommodated.

Video Package #1 $300

This is for the speaker who wants footage that can be shared with meeting planners or used in a future demo reel.

  • A one-camera professional recording of your presentation.
  • No edits to content.
  • Your website address or high-resolution image of your own will be added to the end of the clip.


Video Package #2 $650

This is for the speaker who wants to present a more polished example of their speaking to meeting planners.

  • A multi-camera recording of your presentation. This includes different angles of the presenter and audience cutaways.
  • You will receive an edited version of the talk that incorporates the multiple camera angles. No edits to content.
  • All the elements of Package One.


Video Package #3 $5,000

This is for the speaker who wants a demo reel. It’s a collaborate process designed to showcase your speaking ability, as well as your speaking point of view.

  • You will receive a demo reel of up to five minutes in length.
  • It will feature footage from the showcase, plus any additional speaking footage you have.
  • We will conduct a scheduled, separate interview that will be part of the demo reel. This is your chance to sell your point of view, background, and/or what separates you from other speakers.
  • We will add non-royalty music. Photos you own can also be added.
  • All the elements from Package Two.

Note: The deposit amount of $1000 is nonrefundable. Once the showcase is held, and/or Ken Okel begins work on the additional portions, none of the remainder is refundable without his explicit agreement.

FAQ: When will you get the video? This depends somewhat on how much participation we have. Barring unforeseen difficulties, we are anticipating roughly 2-3 weeks delivery for Options 1 & 2. Option 3 requires running an in-studio shoot, and will be coordinated directly with Ken Okel. We will keep you updated regarding delivery.