Jean Moroney, 2019-20 FSA President

A Message From Our President

Today, being a “professional speaker” can mean many different things. Keynote speaker, trainer, facilitator, consultant, coach, webinar or podcast host, eLearning developer, a business person who speaks to audiences as part of his or her profession—all are considered professional speakers.

As one colleague said to me recently, perhaps we should change our name to the “National Thought-Leaders Association.”

At the Florida Speakers Association, each of those categories of speaker is represented, with individuals at every stage of their professional development. We have Hall of Fame speakers, aspiring professionals, and everything in-between. And this, in my opinion, is one of our greatest strengths. Our community of individuals, with their diverse backgrounds, professional skill sets, and perspectives, provides a supportive learning environment that is second to none I have ever experienced.

As FSA’s chapter president, I have one goal: “Enhancing Member Value.” I want all of our members to always remember exactly why they wanted to be a part of our organization. And I want every aspiring member to recognize that there is no better place to develop as a professional speaker, than the Florida Speakers Association.

So come, join us, take advantage of all the value we deliver. You can only receive the value if you are at the meetings. If you are a speaking professional or a professional who speaks, or even if you aspire to be, FSA is where you must be. If you want to be your best, you must surround yourself with the best. And “the best” are at our meetings and events.

All the best,

Jean Moroney

President, Florida Speakers Association


Why you should Join Florida Speakers Association

Watch this short video by our past-president, Heather Christie.