Time to Renew Your FSA Membership

All FSA Memberships expire on June 30, 2020

We have designed 2020-2021 to support our members with both virtual and in-person meetings, and greater member benefits. Here is what we have in store to maximize your member value:

  • This summer, we will run a virtual social or webinar every week (member only)
  • Starting in September, we will run one webinar and one virtual social each month (member only)
  • Members will continue to get recordings of all webinars, available on the replay page here, in case you miss any
  • Every chapter meeting will have a virtual component, for those who cannot attend in person. They will be either virtual only, or a hybrid of live plus streamed, depending on safety considerations
  • Members who pay will get recordings for chapter meetings
  • Members who attend in person can join the member-only lunch with speaker (additional charge)
  • Professional members will get a new listing on a custom “Hire a Speaker” page (instead of eSpeakers) which will offer better exposure for our professional members


Two membership packages to accommodate your individual financial situation: Standard and Enhanced Value.

Standard: Pay only for those chapter meetings you choose. $175 membership, chapter meetings paid separately.

Enhanced Value: All 9 chapter meetings are included in package price, at the cost of 7 early-bird meetings. This is a $78 savings over the early registration price, or $303 over the late registration price. $448 membership (including all chapter meetings).

Here is the comparison:

Member Benefit Standard Membership Enhanced Value Membership
FSA Speaker Listing
(Professional Members Only)
Included Included
FSA Member-Only Socials Included Included
FSA Member-Only Webinars Included Included
Replays of Webinars Included Included
Reduced Advanced Registration Chapter Meeting Cost

Compared to
2019-2020 year
(was $55)

Cost: $39 each.
Register before early deadline for each meeting.Up to a $144 savings over 2019-2020 rates
on 9 meetings
All 9 meetings paid in one lump sum of $273 with membership fee. (9 for the price of 7.)

$231 savings
over 2019-2020 rates
on 9 meetings

Reduced Late Registration Chapter Meeting Cost

Compared to
2019-2020 year
(was $75)

If you forget to register before the early deadline, your registration cost will be $64 Not Applicable.

By taking the Enhanced Value package, your rate of $30.33 per meeting is locked in with your membership dues payment.

Member-Only Lunch with Speaker

(in-person only)

$35 per lunch attended $35 per lunch attended
Chapter Meeting Recordings Only those meetings you register for All chapter meeting recordings
Continuing Members

Dues for 2020-2021 membership year

Due July 1, 2020

After final renewal notice:
Add $25 administrative fee to each package.

Standard Membership Package:


Enhanced Value Membership Package:

$175 + $273 = $448

Not available after September

Financial Benefits Better Short-Term Cash Flow 
More Financial Flexibility
Better Overall Value
Better Bottom Line
More Convenience


How to know which package is best for you:

If you are not sure about how strongly you will commit to your career as a speaker in the following months, then go with the Standard Membership Package.

If you are determined to get the best value out of your membership and dive deep into becoming a strong and capable professional speaker in the following months, then go with the Enhanced Value Membership Package.

Either way, we look forward to seeing you at many events! Renew now: