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NSA/FSA Membership Qualifications

Professional Member

These are the members that are experienced speakers and speak for a living. In order to be considered a Professional member of the Florida Speakers Association, you must also be a member of the National Speakers Association. Annual membership dues in the Florida Speakers Association are $125 plus a one-time initiation fee of $25.

In order to qualify for membership in the National Speakers Association, you must meet one of the following three qualification options.

  • You have received monetary payments for at least 20 presentations within the 12 months prior to application.
  • You have given at least 20 presentations to audiences of 15 or more as part of a salaried position within the 12 months prior to application.
  • You have made at least $25,000 giving presentations (number of speaking engagements does not matter) within the 12 months prior to application.

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Professional Affiliate

  • An individual who provides a service or product to the speaking industry
  • Will be listed in a supplier category separate from the Professional Member listing
  • Can also be a Professional Member (if qualified) at no additional cost
  • Must also be an NSA member

Although only professional members and professional affiliates are strictly considered by FSA and NSA as “members,” we also welcome those who are working on attaining one of these levels to be part of our chapter as Association Candidates. Please click here to learn more.

Use this link for more information on membership in National Speakers Association.

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