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Associate Candidate Information

Associate Candidates

If you are beginning your speaking career and do not yet qualify for membership in the National Speakers Association, you can become an Associate Candidate of the Florida Speakers Association.  Joining the Florida Speakers Association will help build your business.

Associate Candidate Benefits

Chapter Meetings 

We hold nine chapter meetings from September through December and January through June in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. You will learn from the best in the industry from advice on running your business to how to build your platform skills. Networking with other speaking professionals is invaluable. You will also have the potential to showcase your talents at a meeting.


You’ll have membership to the Florida Speakers Association LinkedIn and Facebook private groups and the opportunity to participate in Google Hangouts to discuss relevant topics in the speaking industry with your colleagues and special guests.


Reduced rates on meetings, special programs, chapter events, and sponsorship opportunities.


Be a part of a community of speaking professionals committed to helping you gain additional success.

Our benefits are always changing as we continue to identify ways to help you grow your speaking business!


  • Candidates have one year in which to achieve NSA Professional Member status. This entails meeting the requirements and being a paid member of both the National Speakers Association and the Florida Speakers Association.
  • During this one-year period, candidates will be encouraged to meet the qualifications for NSA Professional Membership.
  • Candidates will have a total of two years to achieve NSA Professional Member status if they attend the Conni Gordon Speaker University of the Florida Speakers Association within the first year of enrollment as a candidate.
  • Taught by seasoned speaking professionals, the University will expedite your learning and provide access to valuable developmental opportunities as well as mentorship.
  • Dues are $175.00 plus a one-time initiation fee of $25.00. Candidates may attend meetings at a discounted rate.
  • Associate Candidates are not members of the Florida Speakers Association and do not have voting rights.

If an Associate Candidate does not meet the requirements for NSA Professional Member status after the one- or two- year period, as detailed above, the Candidate will be considered a guest. Guests may attend a maximum of three meetings from September-June.

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