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Are you ready to grow your speaking business?

Whether you are a speaker by profession, a seasoned veteran, or a novice with a passion to inspire, FSA’s monthly meetings provide the fertile ground that is the birthplace of ideas, the support needed to cultivate your business, and the encouragement that it takes to take your speaking business to the next level!

May 13 – Brian Walter, CSP CPAE

Marriott Ft Lauderdale N

6650 N Andrews Ave, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309

1st Floor Royal Palm Room


VIDEO ACTION: A bazillion extreme ways to use video DURING your speeches

Brian Walter - A bazillion extreme ways to use video DURING your speechesYour speech doesn’t JUST have to be you talking. That’s why Brian Walter with Extreme Meetings will show Florida Speaker Association members and visitors a bazillion (okay, more like scads) of compelling formats for featuring messaging, humor, execs, client highlights, and key points with in-speech video. Brian will play actual “I-can-totally-steal-that-right-away” samples from his own client video work. He will also showcase demos of unique formats from other video-savvy NSA speakers.

You will learn how to…

  • Turn crappy video into creative video
  • Obtain and feature powerful TV commercials
  • Legally use movie clips
  • Create custom cartoon-style animation
  • Produce mock newscasts
  • Star in low-budget or high-budget videos paid for by the client
  • Work with actors to boost your onscreen impact

This was originally a CSP-only session developed by Brian specifically for NSA’s Influence national convention. But now all Florida Speakers Association members and attendees can experience this high-level content.

Brian Walter, CSP, CPAE…runs a business called Extreme Meetings. He is a communications consultant, multi-media writer and video producer, and speaker. Brian has been a broadcast advertising director, marketing director, communications manager, management trainer, freelance copywriter, adjunct college professor, and (briefly) a telephone survey operator. Sorry about that last one.

Three Surprising Facts

  • Crappy video can look good when you make it smaller
  • You can make money legally using film clips in your speeches
  • Embedding videos means you aren’t at the mercy of sucky hotel wifi

Early Registration open until May 9

Featured opening speaker

How to use your special talents to add magic to keynotes and presentations:

Keith Harmeyer has been getting up in front of audiences for most of his life. These days, he mostly speaks on topics like Innovation and Creative Problem Solving. But previously as a Professional singer and actor he appeared in musical theater and opera productions across the country.

At our FSA May meeting Keith will talk to us about the benefits of using special talents to add entertainment value to your keynotes and/or presentations.

Don’t miss this event as he will also treat us to a few special musical examples of his own. What’s not to like about the FSA Treasurer raising the roof with joyful tones.​

2016-2017 Meeting and Event Schedule

May 13 – Brian Walter CSP CPAE – Using video and humor in your keynote Registration now open!

June 10 – Doug Stevenson – Story Telling Mastery that grows your business

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