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Are you ready to grow your speaking business?

Whether you are a speaker by profession, a seasoned veteran, or a novice with a passion to inspire, FSA’s monthly meetings provide the fertile ground that is the birthplace of ideas, the support needed to cultivate your business, and the encouragement that it takes to take your speaking business to the next level!

February 20, 2016:

Fort Lauderdale Marriott North, 6650 N Andrews Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33309

8:00 am – 12:30 pm

Florida Speakers Association’s next meeting takes place on February 20th with legendary speaker Heather Lutze.

As speakers, we are pulled in a thousand different directions to market ourselves and build a brand. However, when meeting planners and potential clients search for us, they may not necessarily know us by name. Instead, they seek a desired outcome for their event. With a sea of speakers and so many variables, meeting planners turn to Google for answers. Our greatest marketing challenge is to know intimately what the client needs, what keyword phrases are important to THEM and also how we see ourselves.

Our clients are turning to a robot for solutions. We need to appeal to the robot AND the human to be truly findable. Heather alls the “Findability” or industry experts call it SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Heather Lutze, CSP is going to challenge you to think differently so you can take a proactive approach and figure out what is in the mind of your IDEAL searcher. You’re going to learn to stop guessing and gather intel on them.

Get ready to learn how to spy on your clients, prospective clients and your competitors. You’re going to learn to use several tools that will put a little “marketing espionage” in your speaking business.

Heather is a top rated presenter, having delivered 100+ presentations to the CEO organization Vistage and scoring as their highest rated speaker. She is the author of three books on search engine marketing who will have you marketing your business in a way that makes you findable and differentiates you from the herd.


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Conni Gordon Speakers Academy 2016

Back by Popular Demand

To attend the Connie Gordon Speakers Academy, you must be a Florida Speakers Association Professional Member or Association Candidate. You can register for FSA membership/candidate status when you register for the Academy if you are not currently a member/candidate.


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March 12 Delatorro McNeal

Crush The Stage The 12-Step BluePrint for Platform Mastery

Have you gotten so busy marketing and branding your speaking, that you’ve put your actual presentation on auto-pilot?

Tired of always having to generate new business, rather than enjoying repeat, referral and spin-off business from your existing talks?

Ready to close more dates faster by getting your client to stop shopping once they have their first call with you?

Then, it’s time for you to CRUSH THE STAGE!

In Delatorro’s program you will learn how to:

– Explode audience engagement, interaction and retention using profound visuals, props and illustrations. – Cultivate authentic rhetorical sensitivity and adjust your presentation based on the vibe you’re sensing from your audience. – Craft your Killer Keynote presentation that customizable to each audience you speak to. – Develop memorable Storyselling Skills that will make your clients rave about your presentation. – Speak in soundbites so that your presentation is instantly sharable on social media, which increases engagement, retention and builds raving fans of your message.


April 9 Stephen Shapiro

May 14 TBA

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