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Are you ready to grow your speaking business?

Whether you are a speaker by profession, a seasoned veteran, or a novice with a passion to inspire, FSA’s monthly meetings provide the fertile ground that is the birthplace of ideas, the support needed to cultivate your business, and the encouragement that it takes to take your speaking business to the next level!

June 11, 2016:

Fort Lauderdale Marriott North, 6650 N Andrews Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33309

8:00 am – 12:30 pm

Florida Speakers Association’s next meeting takes place on June 11th with Todd Cohen

Cohen-ToddEveryone’s in Sales: Building a Sales Culture!

Every Conversation is a Selling Moment with Todd Cohen, CSP

This highly engaging and energetic keynote and workshop is based on “Everyone’s In Sales,” the first book dedicated to building a sales culture written by professional speaker and trainer, Todd Cohen. As speakers and presenters you are always are looking for ways to get more gigs! Todd’s keynote is all about building a successful sales culture so more sales happen! As he shares his story of how he has successfully built a speaking business by practicing three very practical methodologies. Todd Cohen covers such areas as developing a professional value proposition, developing a virtual sales team and relationship portability™.


Cool stuff you will learn that you can use immediately:

  • Learn the principles of a sales culture and how its drives more sales!
  • Learn how to sell yourself in the best possible way to get what you want
  • Understand and engage others with your Value Proposition
  • Understand and know your Virtual Sales Team™
  • Increase sales by renewing and recapturing relationships


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